Wednesday, October 12, 2011


"How does societal norms shape the way a person thinks and behaves?"

With this question, I will go about finding what society does to a person.  Some of the places that I will look at for answers are models, teens in school, and the media.  I will first try to look at websites and articles on the internet to get information.  Then from there I am also thinking about getting my peers thoughts and feelings of how society impacts a person.

In choosing this question, I just want to learn more about how and why society has impacted a person wan whether or not the societal norms are ethically or morally wrong.  I feel that some of the answers that I will be finding are that society does do a big part in shaping the way a person behaves.  Some problems that I might encounter while doing this research is trying to find enough sources to back up my question.

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